UPDATE Inside Towers has learned that a settlement has been reached in the ongoing saga that has been raging in Mashpee, MA. The Cape Cod Times reported that a lawsuit brought by Blue Sky Towers against the town has been brought before a judge and the matter has been dismissed. The upshot is that Blue Sky will be allowed to construct a 150-foot tower and the town will be permitted to install public safety antennas on the tower for police, fire and emergency services rent free. 

On the settlement, Town Manager Rodney Collins stated, “The Board of Selectmen determined that the Town’s interests of financial resources, safety of Town residents living in South Mashpee and enhanced communication for emergency services would be best served by bringing this litigation to prompt closure rather than subjecting the town to lengthy and costly litigation.” 

An appeal was quickly filed by neighbors contesting a variance granted by the Zoning Board. “I don’t know all of the details, but it looks to me like they don’t want to be bothered so they just settled,” explained unhappy resident Frances Madden. 

Judge Richard Stearns, who oversaw the settlement, said that a special variance was not needed. Terms of the agreement mandate that Blue Sky Towers and Mashpee work together to coordinate issuing necessary permits in a timely manner. The proposed cell tower will be a multi-tenant monopole with room for four providers, starting with Verizon and T-Mobile, according to the Cape Cod Times.

Judge Rules for Blue Sky in Mashpee