Although some Cape Cod residents complained when Blue Sky Towers petitioned to erect a cell tower in Mashpee, MA in 2019, voices are now united in favor of better digital reception. As WCBV-TV reports, concerns about safety issues have residents demanding more and better cell phone service.

“There might be a bird up there that’s not happy with [the tower], but I don’t know of anybody else,” said Mike Richardson, Executive Director of the New Seabury Homeowners Association. “I’m not sure there’s a bird up there, to be honest with you. Everybody now wants it.”

Blue Sky erected their cell tower earlier this year, but so far, Verizon is the only tenant, leaving much of the tower real estate unoccupied and the local community underserved. “None of the other providers have signed up yet or even attached to the system,” noted Mashpee Fire Chief Jack Phelan. “You know, you look for your five bars. I have two, and we’re right beside the cell tower.” Verizon has indicated that they will be investigating complaints abouts Verizon performance levels.

“Summer is here, and our population increases,” Mashpee Town Manager Rodney Collins told WCBV-TV. He is concerned that those in need of emergency assistance may not be able to call for help.

“We had a couple incidents at the beach last summer of a heart attack and a stroke, and it was very difficult to contact emergency representatives,” agreed local resident, Scott Vetstein.

The unreliable service is especially important to local police, who rely on being able to stay in contact with both the public and other police officers. Captain Tom Rose of the Mashpee Police Department stated that dead zones in some areas make it impossible to stay connected. “I’ve had to actually leave that area to make a cell phone call,” he said, noted WCBV-TV.

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