Blue Sky is a developer of wireless infrastructure.

Wireless carriers aren’t in the real estate business, and real estate owners don’t know how to market their property to carriers. Blue Sky helps bridge the gap in wireless site development.

What differentiates Blue Sky from other tower companies?

We value our wireless partners and our real estate owners.

No one
“Due Diligence”
like we do.



Experience and relationships matter.


Tom Remillard


For over 20 years, Tom’s career has been focused exclusively on providing real estate services in the wireless and wired communications sector.

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Prior to Blue Sky, Tom founded Wireless Realty Advisors (WRA) in 2007. Tom grew WRA into a company that provided real estate data and acquisition services to many of the industry’s largest organizations, including Global Tower Partners (now American Tower Corporation), K2 Towers, and a variety of the wireless real estate investment firms. WRA’s primary objective was to build and maintain the industry’s largest database of both existing and future cell site locations and leverage this data in developing new cell site locations. WRA focused its data acquisition efforts on the top 20 metropolitan markets and was ultimately licensed to Blue Sky Tower Partners. Prior to WRA, Tom was CEO and founder of REON Broadband, a New England based provider of broadband services to multi-tenanted commercial properties. At REON, Tom procured over $15 million in venture financing and eventually sold the company to Conversant Communications, providing a successful exit strategy to REON’s investors and shareholders.


Jim Rech


Jim Rech brings 20 years of experience in developing towers and wireless communication networks.

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Jim spent most of his professional career as an entrepreneur having owned, managed and developed multiple tower portfolios throughout the United States. In his most recent role, Jim served on the management team with GTP as Vice President of Development. He was responsible for all development sales and implementation for the company’s new tower efforts throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.  He joined Global Tower Partners in April of 2008. Mr. Rech’s background includes roles as Vice President of Development for TCP Communications, a private equity-backed tower company that built and acquired 243 towers in 23 states and exited in a successful sales transaction to Global Tower Partners in February of 2006.  As Co-Founder and President of National Tower, LLC he has also developed towers throughout the Northeast Region and subsequently sold to Global Tower Partners in June of 2008.  Prior to National Tower, Mr. Rech held key tower network development positions at SBA Communications and as a contractor for T-Mobile USA. Mr. Rech holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


We’re committed to addressing the needs of wireless carriers.


Better service

We’ve done the homework for you. Blue Sky has invested the time and money to make your job easier. We’ve mapped the markets we serve so you can find, lease, and zone sites quickly and easily.


Better Etiquette

We’re going to treat you better. We never lost sight of the fact that the carrier is the paying customer, and we ensure our sales team and real estate partners treat you that way.


Better Partnership

We value fair lease terms. Our goal is to quickly and efficiently assist with the deployment of your network. We understand the importance of achieving your network goals, so our main focus is to get your lease signed fast, with favorable terms for all.


Blue Sky’s tower and cell site development process starts with data.

Layer 1 Data

Where the cell sites are

Blue Sky’s Layer 1 database represents over seven years of research in the top 20 metropolitan markets. From this research, our team has created a database of existing cell sites (with the help of resources such as FCC and FAA databases, local city permitting offices and county registries of deeds). Blue Sky also employs “feet on the street” research by targeting specific areas and going street-by-street visually identifying existing cell site installations.

Layer 2 Data

Where the new cell sites will be

Blue Sky’s Layer 2 database is based on our Layer 1 research. Our research team takes over a dozen different maps in a targeted area and overlays them onto one common GUI (graphical user interface). This proprietary GUI contains millions of data points our development team uses to identify potential new cell sites.

Layer 3 Data

Where sites get on air quickly

Blue Sky’s Layer 3 is where the data does the work. By combining our Layer 1 and Layer 2 data sets, our real estate team can identify properties that meet three criteria: property with the proper zoning for a new cell site, the right physical attributes needed for a site (proper elevation, height and/or square footage), and a real estate owner who will be cooperative and responsive in the leasing process. When an owner meets Blue Sky’s three layer criteria, we sign them to an exclusive development agreement and begin the development process.

Our Development Process

Once an owner signs our exclusive development agreement; we follow three steps to success:

  • We complete the geo-coding and RF engineering data on the site.
  • We submit the site to the carriers and their site acquisition vendors looking for new opportunities in the area.
  • Once we confirm carrier interest, we begin the leasing process.



Blue Sky is seeking property owners who value wireless lease income and want to be cooperative partners in their site’s development. When carriers seek to build a new cell site location, they typically hire a third party “site acquisition” company to go into a designated “search ring” that might have undeveloped sites. Typically, once multiple candidates are identified, the real estate owner that completes the leasing process quickest will get the site.


Blue Sky’s management has 50 plus years of combined experience in cell site development. We can leverage our experience and relationship to get your site developed.


If you’ve been contacted by Blue Sky, it’s because we feel your property may fulfill a carrier’s need. We’re surveying a number of owners in the areas to determine which sites are best to submit.



Our interactive map can be accessed by clicking here.

For a list and a KMZ of our current site locations, please contact info@blueskytower.com

We represent over 1,000 sites and our list grows daily.



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